Opening Reception: February 12th, 6-8pm

February 12th - March 15th

Ryan Foerster_Universe_Julie Sundown
Sam Moyer_Aunt Gloria
Sam Moyer_Grandma Blanche
Sayre Gomez_Untitled Painting In Blue

Press Release

Ryan Foerster

Sayre Gomez

Gavin Kenyon

Sam Moyer

Sean Townley



Robert Blumenthal Gallery is pleased to announce t,o,u,c,h,i,n,g, on view from February 12th

through March 15th. The exhibition marks the opening of Robert Blumenthal Gallery at 1045

Madison Avenue.


The act of touching is energy. It’s the release and acceptance of sadness, excitement, lust, and

anger. Through art, we can emit energy visually. The object is a conduit.


Inspired by the Paul Sharits film, T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G, JPW3 has organized a show around the

concept of the artwork as a powerful channel that transfers feeling from the artist to his/her

audience. Aside from his own work, JPW3 includes the tenderly rendered monochromes of

Sayre Gomez, the explosive photographic abstractions of Ryan Foerster, the translucent

apparitions of Sam Moyer, the intense biomechanical creations of Sean Townley, and the

animated objects of Gavin Kenyon.